How to delete all the animations in a presentation

You can turn off the animations by going to Setup Slide Show and underShow Options tick the Show without animation option and clickOK. Now run the show and it will display without the animations.

If you really want to delete all the animations in a single sweep then you will need to run this macro.

Sub StripAllBuilds()
    Dim I As Integer: Dim J As Integer
Dim oActivePres As Object
Set oActivePres = ActivePresentation
With oActivePres
For I = 1 To .Slides.Count
If Val(Application.Version) < 10 Then
‘ Older versions of PowerPoint 97/2000
‘ In each slide set the animation property
‘ of the Shape object to FALSE
For J = 1 To .Slides(I).Shapes.Count
.Slides(I).Shapes(J).AnimationSettings.Animate = msoFalse
Next J
‘ New versions support the Timeline object
For J = .Slides(I).TimeLine.MainSequence.Count To 1 Step -1
Next J
End If
Next I
End With
Set oActivePres = Nothing
End Sub