How to Install Let’s Encrypt on Hostinger

  1. Enable SSH access
    – Click SSH Access button
    – Toggle Disable button to Enable and click Update
  2. Installing ACME client and Composer
    – connect to your hosting via SSH
    ssh [email protected] -p 65002
    – clone acme client from github
    git clone
    – cd to acme folder
    cd acme-client
    – Download and install the composer
    php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');";
    php composer-setup.php;
    php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');";
    php composer.phar install --no-dev
  3. Generating SSL Certificate
    php bin/acme setup --server letsencrypt --email [email protected]
    php bin/acme issue --domains --path /home/x123011738/public_html:/home/x123011738/public_html --server letsencrypt

    cd /home/x123011738/acme-client/data/certs/
    cat fullchain.pem
    cat key.pem
  4. Installing Certificat
    – click SSL button

    – Paste contents from certificate.txt to Certificate:(CRT) and contents from privatekey.txt to Private Key:(KEY)
  5. Checking expiration date and renewing SSL certificate
    php acme-client/bin/acme check --name --server letsencrypt
    – you can set cron job to run the following command every other month
    php acme-client/bin/acme issue --domains --path /home/x123011738/public_html:/home/x123011738/public_html --server letsencrypt


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